Ken Wilber

"...If today's physics supports mysticism, what happens when tomorrow's physics replaces it? Does mysticism then fall also? We cannot have it both ways. As particle physicist Jeremy Berstein put it, "If I were an Eastern mystic the las thing in the world I would want would be a reconciliation with modern science, [because] to hitch a religious philosophy to a contemporary science is a sure route to its obsolescence." Genuine mysticism, precisely to the extent that it is genuine, is perfectly capable of offering its own defense, its own evidence, its own claims, and its own proofs....what does it mean that the founders of your modern science, the theorists and researchers who pioneered the very concepts you now worship implicitly,...were, every one of them mystics....
The last thing these theorists would want you to surrender is your critical intellect, your hard-earned skepticism. for it was exactly through a sustained use - not of emothion, not of intuition , not of faith - but a sustained use of the critical intellect that these greatest of physicists felt absolutely compelled to go beyond physics altogether."
Quantum Questions: Mystical Writings of the World's Greatest Physicists,
Edited by Ken Wilber, Muir Beach, Winter 1983

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