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For me, as a small girl Science seemed to be a matter of rote memorization.  Lists of facts.  Science was easy; just remember what the list says and it will be right.  I have since reaffirmed that science is just another way of judging the world around us, a list of rules by which to compare experience with memory.

We all use comparison and metaphor to describe the world.  Science is only an alternate description.  As each culture chooses and promulgates its world view, so does science.  In the West (European and 18-21C Anglo Culture), Science has become the underpinnings to our worldview and seems to provide a stable shelf from which to experience our lives.

The parts of science to which I have been drawn are the ones which attempt to help us understand and manipulate the information we gather in our daily world and the tools which allow us freedom to navigate our world.

Of late I have learned about MTheory the idea of membranes coexisting and containing universes unexplored and unimagined and it is thrilling.

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