The aroma of this Mole is said to entice the appetites of the dead, luring them to the altar.

2 large ripe tomatoes
3.5 sm/medium white onion, peeled
4.5 garlic heads, cloves peeled
1 C lard or vegetable oil
1 sm plaintain, peeled
.33 C raisins
.33 C peanuts
.33 C almonds
1 cinnamon stick (1.25 inches)
.33 C sesame seeds
3-4  sm bay leaves
2-3 sprigs thyme
2-3 sprigs marjoram
5 whole cloves
8 black peppercorns (or whole allspice)
1 tsp cumin
1.5 tsp oregano leaves
4 oz. mexican chocolate (semi-sweet baking chocolate)
1.5 T sugar
4 C chicken broth

Soak Chilis

Roast tomatoes, onion 1.5 heads of garlic on a comal (skillet) until they are dark brown.
Heat the .25 C lard in a saucepan.
Fry the plantain until golden brown, remove and drain on paper towels.
In the same lard, Fry the raisins, peanuts, almonds, cinnamon stick, sesame seeds, 1.5 cloves garlic, .5 onion sliced, bayleaves, thyme, marjoram, cloves and peppercorns (allspice).

Puree all fried ingredients into a blender (food processor) until a heavy paste forms (may have to puree in batches).  Add chicken/beef broth to help.  
Strain the puree.
Puree the cumin, 1.5 garlic cloves, oregano separately.  Add to paste.

Heat .75 C lard (vegetable oil) in saucepan
Brown 2 sm white onions and add paste.
Cook until fat is rendered (1 hr)  Stirring regularly.

Puree twice, soaked Chilis in a blender (food processor)
Stir them into mole and simmer for 1.5-2 hrs or until the sauce renders its fat.

During cooking add chicken broth when necessary.

Salt to taste
Add chocolate and sugar, stirring to melt.