This is one of the most amazing places I have been. Planted high in the Sierra Madres above the city of Navajoa (air and ocean access... ), it is a very old silver mining town. It has a history dating back to the first incursions of the Spanish to the north of Mexico
There's a fairly large American Community there...they have reinhabited the Colonial Mansions and adopted the local ghosts. There are home tours available at the local library, where the American Madrecitas have started paying the community back. (The money they raise from local craft sales and the tour charges, goes to the school library and to giving the children hope for the future....)
The average home is 18,000sqft. yes...thats right... The folks who live there spend most of their time on their porches (a full 3/4 of the total underroof footage in somecases) where they have learned to move the livingroom furniture and the TV outside.
The climate is that of a Tropical Thorn Forest, one of the few on the face of the earth. The plants there are very similar to the ones here in northern Sonora, but show the effects of the 100+inches of rain/yr. They are bigger.