kuukutst, n.lizard. Syn. Kutsiipu, kuukutsi, Kuukuts

from the Hopi Dictionary, Hopìikwa Lavàytutuveni

Puerto Penasco Naumer Painting Lillith yellow woman

As you grow older you will find that your desires are never really fulfilled. In fulfillment there is always the shadow of frustration, and in your heart there is not a song but a cry.
The desire to become - to become a great man, a great saint , a great this or that - has no end and therefore no fulfillment, its demand is ever for the "more", and such desire always breeds agony, misery, wars.
But when one is free of all desire to become, there is a state of being whose action is totally different.
It is.
That which is has no time.
It does not think in terms of fulfillment.
Its very being is its fulfillment.
- J. Krishnamurti

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